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Day 100 - Seats (again!)

Last weekend, I fixed the Mondeo, and went to Donington (we didn't go in the Mondeo, and the car we did go in overheated - just what I wanted to avoid!).

I decided to sort out the seats - I'd sold two of the seats, and the plan was to modify the third and use it as a template.

However, when I took the cover off, there was a great stench, and I found I'd had an unwanted visitor.

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I moved him to under a bush in my garden (using a pair of welding gauntlets), made sure he was all right, and started work.

There's a lot of space behind the seat; it's fairly angled. Making it more vertical would give some space.

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So, I stripped the seat and found that it wouldn't be easy to make a copy, so I'll see if I can buy a shell.

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I cut some V sections out of the shell, and fitted it - the V sections were far wider than I needed them to be!

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And then I bonded some GRP onto it to make it nice and strong.

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The space behind the seat has more or less gone.

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However, it's still a tight squeeze. The driver's seat needs to be moved forward.

Since I'd spent a lot of time stripping the seat and then building it back up again, I decided to tackle this tomorrow.

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