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Day 113 - Finishing the seats

I'd just come back from a trip to see my brother in France, so today was a short day.

First of all, I put some body filler on the chair to cover the gap.

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While that was setting, I used a lot of thinners, and removed the old glue and seat padding that remained - this took a heck of a lot of time, and I didn't actually end up removing all of it.

With this done, I sanded the body filler (and some of the GRP) so the edges were all smooth.

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I then did the same for the other seat - which had a lot more to do with it.

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Tomorrow, I'll do some alterations to the accelerator pedal so it's in a better place (it's far too forward for my liking) - and I'll also see about putting the final bit of the floor in.

And during the week, I'll send the seats off to be trimmed.

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