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Day 119 - Seat frames

Eventually (no thanks to the delivery company that was meant to deliver the seat frames on Saturday), they arrived, so I set about modifying the frames to fit.

First of all, I called Richfield up to see how the headrests fitted. They go vertically, so I can move the seat pretty far back.

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I also put the driver's seat roughly in place, to see how it goes together.

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I replaced the nylocks on the seat mounts, and welded captive nuts in place - this is for two reasons:

  1. The bars going across the width of the seat go over the nuts
  2. They would be difficult to get to with the seat in place

I welded the seat frame to the mounts, and cut away the bits that aren't necessary:

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And I did the other side (which wasn't easy as the car was in the garage, and it made it difficult to undo the other bolts)

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With the passenger seat in place, I used a bit of foam to work out the optimum place for the driver's seat. Since it's narrower than the Aeon GRP seat, it can move a little back in order to give me a bit more leg room.

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I then welded a length of right-angle steel to the chassis in order to take the rear bar (it's not terribly clear, I'm afraid).

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I called it a night - it's now quite dark (and reasonably cold - although the heater I used last year was working better than I thought in my garage).

Tomorrow, I'll do the front part, and on Wednesday, I'll go up to Richfield to drop off the seats (and pick up the GRP frames).

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