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Day 13 - Rear end and demisting

Rear end

I hadn't fitted the rear end hinge because it makes the car a little long. However, I decided to do it as a precursor to wiring the lights.

The first thing to fit was the hinge attachment to the chassis. Drilling 8 holes enabled it to fit the chassis.

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Next, the lower part of the rear section was bolted to the top part, prior to Sikaflexing the two together.

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Note that this picture is actually upsidedown!

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I drew around the base of the windscreen to give me the location for the demisting vents I'd bought earlier from Car Builder Solutions.

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I then bonded a cut up demister plenum to the underside.

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And then 'filled the gaps' with old bits of glue tubes (they're close to the same size). I'll paint it black later on to hide them.

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And from the other side (again). When it's painted, you won't see any of the bonding glue!

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I may have to move the inlet valve, as it's immediately above one of the vents - it all depends on how powerful the fan is.

Packing up

With the help of a neighbour of mine (Mark), I was able to take a picture of the rear end roughly in place.

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