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Day 36 - Rear braces

This isn't really a day's work, but I wanted to mention what had happened this week.

Being the first

One of the problems about being the first person to build a particular style of kit is that occasionally you find something doesn't fit.

I hadn't fitted the rear brace bars that give the engine compartment chassis some additonal strength because I hadn't been worried about the rear body section. However, since the engine was getting close to being fitted, I started to look at it.

I had removed a part of the rear bulkhead GRP in order to allow the mid-section to fit around the bolt positions for the brace bar - but hadn't anticipated that the body would need cutting.

I discussed this with John, and took some photos. After he'd looked at it, we decided that I should move the mounting point further down the roll bar.

I'll do this tomorrow (as well as some more work on the doors).

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