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Day 43 - Fitting the engine

Final preparation

Before fitting the engine, I had two jobs to do - firstly, the M10x75 bolts were very slightly too short, so I got some M10x80 bolts and replaced them.

The other job was to reorganise the brake lines (hand brake and hydraulic lines).

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Fitting the engine

Before the engine could be fitted, I lowered the back of the car so it wouldn't need to be lifted quite so much.

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And with the engine hoise, a bit of heaving and the assistance of my neighbour who made sure that one side was going in the right holes, it was in.

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The worry I had yesterday about it level wasn't actually a problem - it's perfect!

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Other door

I started to make the hinges for the other door - since they're identical to the first door, I didn't take any pictures of them.

Bottom gearbox mount

One of the bits that I didn't get with the new gearbox was the bottom gearbox mount - John's got me one, but in case he needs it, I decided to make one using some 6mm thick bar, and the remainder of the 13x26mm solid bar (which I tapped).

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And with it fitted

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Tomorrow, I'll finish off the other door.

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