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Day 61 - Silicon hoses

The hoses turned up today - yes, I know that I could've got them cheaper if I'd shopped around, but I'm now in a bit of a rush to get them. I'd missed out 3 hoses that I should've bought, although they may not be important. I also didn't buy any connectors - I'll get them when I can't find aluminium tubing of the right diameter.

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I'm not going to fit them properly today, just place them in rough position. Firstly, the turbo hoses.

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And then the windscreen heater hoses.

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It was at this point I noticed another one I'd forgotten - still might not be important. One's also a little tight - I may need to get a slightly wider diameter pipe.

And finally the radiator hoses (the engine part at least).

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Tomorrow, I'll nip down to Portsmouth to collect the wheel bearings, and then I'll start to fit these properly.

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