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Day 8 - Workshop visit and brakes

Workshop visit

Yesterday, I'd run out of things I wanted to do, and needed to see the demonstrator again to check on a few things. While I was making a list, I also made a list of some questions I had, and also some parts that I didn't seem to have.

I took a fair number of photos of key parts (brakes, engine, steering), and found that a box labelled "Jason" had been left behind - hence the missing parts!


After checking a few points with John, I fitted the handbrake. There were some unidentifiable parts that turned out to be quadrants that guide the handbrake cables.

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Hydraulic cables

With the aid of the pictures, I fitted the hydraulic cables (brake and clutch). This is the collection of cables and bits before I fitted them.

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And then after fitting them

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The only thing I need to do is drill some holes to feed the rear brake and clutch cables through the body, as well as put some gromits in the handbrake holes.

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