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Running total

I had between £16,000 and £21,000 to spend on building the GT³. In August 2006, I put all the receipts into a database, and this now reads the running total directly from it:

DateItemPurchased fromPrice Estimate
2004-02-27LightsDemon Tweeks£363.82 N
2005-09-22DigiDashETB Instruments£600.00 Y
2005-09-28Chassis and main componentsAeon£10300.03 N
2005-09-28SVA manualDVLA£37.50 N
2005-10-021/2" tapTechnasales£19.85 N
2005-10-14EngineAeon£1509.89 N
2005-11-03Steering columnSierra and Mondeo spares£50.00 Y
2005-11-05Powder coating and panelsAeon£240.88 N
2005-11-09Heater plenum, polyurethane sealantCar Builder Solutions£93.41 N
2005-11-17Fuse boxes, front indicatorsDemon Tweeks£54.88 N
2005-11-17Wheels and tyresAeon£1135.52 N
2005-11-18Electronic componentsFarnell Electronics£90.00 Y
2005-11-291/2" dieTechnasales£47.00 N
2005-12-30GearboxAeon£450.00 Y
2006-01-08Miscellaneous toolsTechnasales£25.23 N
2006-01-09Engine mountSeat dealer£70.26 N
2006-01-11Wing mirrorsSPA Design£99.14 N
2006-01-11Filler cap, harnessesEuropa Spares£316.63 N
2006-01-13Letter punchAHC Camberley£14.04 N
2006-01-13BoltsAHC Camberley£18.74 N
2006-01-17Gear linkage partsSeat dealer£32.81 N
2006-01-20IntercoolerPace products£288.12 N
2006-01-24Plastic edging, alicanteWoolies Trim£96.90 N
2006-01-25Engine cover, dipstickSeat dealer£77.66 N
2006-01-26Miscellaneous toolsTechnasales£22.69 N
2006-02-13Steering wheel bossEuropa Spares£50.00 Y
2006-02-15Seats, steering wheel, door sealEuropa Spares£565.93 N
2006-02-16Silicon hosesRally Designs£459.14 N
2006-02-20Air filterPipercross£70.27 N
2006-02-2232mm aluminium pipe, 57mm aluminium pipe, 2.5x1.25m aluminium sheetMG Metals£126.73 N
2006-02-28Starter motorVW Dealer£137.64 N
2006-02-28SVA appointmentDVLA£150.00 N
2006-03-02Hose connectorsRally Designs£47.10 N
2006-03-03Bentley manual (VW Golf)Amazon£80.00 Y
2006-03-08SpringsFarnell Electronics£7.29 N
2006-03-08Miscellaneous toolsFarnell Electronics£70.59 N
2006-03-10Registration plateDVLA£499.00 N
2006-03-11Windscreen, fitting kit, alternatorAeon£428.88 N
2006-03-15Exhaust partsJetex£518.63 N
2006-03-1617mm step shanked drill bitTechnasales£21.14 N
2006-03-20Edge trim, worm drive clipsEuropa Spares£36.31 N
2006-03-20Exhaust partsJetex£68.69 N
2006-03-22ECU and ancillariesAeon£850.00 Y
2006-04-22Driver's seatAeon£148.05 N
2006-06-29Brake banjo fittingsAeon£35.00 N
2006-08-13Manual throttle bodyVolkswagen Spares£194.00 Y
2006-08-15Clutch cableSeat dealer£91.64 N
2006-10-14Gear stick linkageAeon£110.35 N
2006-10-182 seatsSale-£150.00 N
2006-11-05Passenger seat shellIntatrim£45.00 N
2006-12-16Drive shaftsAeon£461.79 N
2007-01-16New seatsRichfield Vehicle Seating Ltd£1400.00 N

Total: £22578.17  

You may be surprised by the lights - they were bought 19 months before I decided to build the Aeon. The reason for this was that I knew my next car would be using the Hella 90mm front lights, and the 55mm rear lights and ordered them. The only reason why I ordered some more was because I'd used the front indicators on the Locust, and I needed some more.


Estimates have a probable variation of 5%. These are costs I cannot currently find receipts for, and so are based on my recollection of what they were.

I'm pretty sure there's another between £200 and £1000 of miscellaneous items that I haven't included (I know I've ordered more stuff from CBS for example, but I can't remember what!).

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