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Day 32 - Light pods


The only way the lights could fit in their current position was if they were mounted in front of the brackets. This would make it difficult to adjust them without removing the light covers. The demonstrator had the lights mounted behind the panel, and are easier to adjust. I decided that I would remove the panel, and move it forwards.

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I used a small cutting disc with my die grinder (it's actually meant for a Dremmel, but it fits it anyway), and removed the current bracket.

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New panels

Rather than reuse the existing panel, I decided to make some new ones out of aluminium - I had a prototype dashboard for the Locust spare, and there was just enough to make two new panels.

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It's actually turned aluminium, but I'm not going to leave that finish. I then cut out the holes for the lights, and filed them down to size.

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This was actually a Friday, and since it was the last day before Christmas, we had a half day. As a result, it was getting dark now, and I decided to wait until tomorrow to mount it.

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