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Brands Hatch (Totalkitcar Live 2005)

17th September 2005 was an important date for this build - I went to Total Kit Car Live at Brands Hatch, where the Aeon was being demonstrated by taking potential customers around the track.

Paul McKibbin came along with me (as usual for my car show trips - he's thinking of getting a new car of some sort; possibly a kit).

We arrived nice and early, and after spending a few minutes working out how to get to the paddock area, we found the Aeon area, where they had the car that I took the test drive in, a 3-litre V6 (Jaguar) enigned Aeon, and also the nearly completed Blaze (whose chassis I'd photographed).

John was there too - I missed him on the test drive, and it was nice to be able to meet him. During the day, I also met a couple of other Aeon builders (Steve and Mike). Steve's was the Jag powered Aeon, and Mike was in the process of building his - he's been at it for 9 months, which worries me slightly!

I let Paul have a ride around Brand Hatch first (I'd already driven the car), and then I was taken out. It was very stable and quick - hard to believe it doesn't have an anti-roll bar.

With that completed, it was time for the important event - to talk business and decide what options I wanted for the car.

I've decided to go for:

  • Body and chassis pack (not rolling-road chassis)
  • T-Bar roll cage
  • Chassis powder coated black
  • 3-seater
  • Full windscreen
  • Spider back
  • Standard brakes
  • Central steering rack

I've also asked them to get hold of an engine for me (I've done some searches for them, but they seemed in short supply).

Bits I know I will get myself:

  • Lights (I've already got the front lights)
  • Wheels (I think that multi-straight spokes will be better)
  • Wiring loom (having wired 2 other cars [the Karma was wired 3 times], it should be fine).

There are still some other bits I'll get (steering wheel, gauges and so forth), but that will be purchased later on.

I've paid a deposit, and should get the main bits in a couple of months.

The only annoying thing is that I didn't bring my camera with me (but Paul did).

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