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Day 103 - Other seat

Intatrim sent the other seat, and it arrived yesterday. However, before cutting it, I wanted to make sure that I'd done the right thing with the other seat. I had modified the seat, and then moved the driver's seat fowards. Could it be that the normal Intatrim seat would give enough space?

This is the normal seat:

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And this is the modified seat in the same place:

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While there was some room in the unmodified seat, the modified seat had much more room. So, I decided to modify the new seat:

I'd made the GRP resin a bit on the weak side (with hardener) to make it last a bit longer, and I ran out of daylight, so only got half way through:

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If the weather's okay tomorrow, I'll do the other side, and maybe put some body filler in some of the gaps.

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