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Day 116 - Drive shafts, powder coating and exhaust

This is actually the culmanation of a few day's work, over about a month (the weather's now not very nice for working on my car).

Shortly before Christmas, I was told that my drive shafts had finally been finished - so I went down to the Aeon workshop pick them up. I then took them to my mate's workshop (where I'd dropped the various bits for powder coating a few weeks back), so they, too, could be powder coated.

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Anyway, some of the bits I took down needed some additional welding (I need a new welder), so I spent a couple of weekends in his workshop grinding out some of the welds (which he then strengthened).

Yesterday, I picked up most of the bits from him after they'd been powder coated.

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This is one of the seat mounts:

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The water header tank holder (and two rods used to hold the wing mirrors up):

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The battery holder:

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The gearbox cable linkage (left), filler cap holder (bottom), and light brackets:

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And one of the wing mirrors with the powder coated rod:

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Unfortunately, I don't have the (coated) drive shafts yet, and the gearstick carrier needs a bit more welding (it was taken to the powder coater's prematurely).

I also went and picked up the exhaust (finally!) - the guy who was welding it left his earlier job, and I had to find him. Luckily, he'd taken the exhaust with him, but had left it in his shed.

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Anyway, it's now all together, but will need some brackets made to mount it to the chassis. I'll get someone else to finish those of...

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