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Day 118 - Modifying the exhaust

It's the first day of 2007 that has been good enough for me to work on my car (apart from those days when I was working). The last time, I found that the exhaust had moved a bit when being welded, so I needed to modify it.

While it was difficult to see where it was moved, I decided that the last three joints needed to be cut and modified to make the exhaust fit better.

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This means the last long 90° bend, the short 90° bend, and the tail pipes.

This is what I was aiming for (it was held with Blue-Tack for this picture):

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And after a lot of cutting, grinding and a few spot welds:

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I also wanted a mounting point near the tail pipes, so welded a bracket to the chassis, and another to the exhaust, with a heavy duty bobbin joining the two:

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It may be just a little too low - I might have to modify the diffuser a small amount (it only just clears the rear section by about 2mm):

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I then collected all the aluminium panels, marked which side they were from, and then packed up - I'll stick the Alicante on them in the evenings.

Note that I haven't been totally silent the past few days - earlier the week before, I went to Richfield Vehicle Seating to see about getting the shells covered - it would be cheaper to get them to make some new seats based on existing designs (notably their RX-777 - which I'd used on my JC Locust). The frames should be arriving tomorrow, so I can have a look at how they fit, and then I'll take them back up to get covered.

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