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Day 133 - Bleeding the brakes

Today, I had a go at bleeding the brakes - I almost didn't write about it, because it went wrong. Very wrong.

I filled up the reservoir, and started to bleed the back brakes.

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This went quite well - although I appeared to be using more fluid than I would've liked.

It was only during the second cylinder that I realised that it was pouring out of the front - one of the compression connectors had become undone. So, I redid it - and it was still leaking. And so was the other side (but not as badly).

I really don't like compression joints - you can't do it too tightly, you can't do it too loose. Since I could've spent ages trying again and again, I decided the best course of action was to send them to Aeon sine they've got more experience than me. It seems a bit lame, but using a lot of olives, time and brake fluid is not my idea of fun. So, off in the post the front cables went.

I also discoverd a slight weep from the brake pressure sensor, so I tightened that.

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