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Day 21 - Front light pods, LHS front hub, rear hubs, filler

Front light pods

One of the last things I did before the end of my holiday was to put glass fibre in the front light pods. This looks fine from the back, but the front needed a bit of tidying up.

I put a lot of sikoflex in the corners of the front light pod - as this will make it waterproof, I'll have to drill some holes to allow excess water to drain through.

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LHS front hub

Another of the missing things I collected was a nut for the lower balljoint. This allowed me to fit the other front hub.

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I'd joined the rear sections, but I want to lose the join between them.

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I applied a lot of filler, because there's some areas of the two parts that are out (nothing to do with the way I aligned it - I suspect that one part stretched slightly).

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While I was about it, I put some filler on the GRP bits to tidy them up.

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Mike (who is also building an Aeon) asked if the dashboard still fits with the wiper motor in place. I thought that it would still fit, but may require a little trimming.

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It needs a slight trim - about 1cm - around the wiper motor mount, but generally it's okay.

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