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Day 22 - Busy day

Before starting

Even before I started on the car itself, I was out and about - getting a ½" die, a die holder, some bolts, a gas-powered soldering iron (for heat shrink) and a bottle of gas for the heater I'd bought just before starting the car.

Rear suspension (again)

Given the ease of how the other side went together, I decided to dismantle the other side, and tap the holes before reassembly. Since the ends of some of the ends of the bolts would have become altered - hence the die I bought earlier.

All but one of the bolt ends came out without too much effort - the other one needed a lot of persusion (I even made something to help it out). Once all the threads had been cleaned (at least twice, to be on the safe side), it went back together as easily as the other side. It should now be easy to adjust.

Note that I didn't take any pictures - the suspension still looks the same!

Pedal bolts

When I'd assembled the pedals and the master cylinders, I only had 8x40 and 8x25 bolts - however, the pedals needed 8x45 at least, and the master cylinders 8x30 (8x40 was too long).

I bought a pack of (reasonably assorted) bolts that included 8x30 and 8x50 bolts, and replaced the ones I'd used to hold the parts in place.

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The camera didn't want to focus on the bolts in the second picture.

Rear end

Last week, I'd put a lot of body filler on the rear end. I sanded it down - it still needs a little more filler in some places, and a little more sanding in others.

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The brake and clutch lines running through the car needed a bit of tidying up, so I used some adhesive P-clips to hold them in place.

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Another thing I did last week was to trial-fit the dashboard. I found that it needed a little trim, so I did that as well.

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I'm not worried about the gap - Sikaflex will sort that out!

Fuel sender

This I'd picked up last week, but hadn't put it in place. I'm missing the holding rings, but they will be posted to me.

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I'm going to put the heater (which comes from Car Builder Solutions) in the right-hand side pod, with a pipe connecting to the underside of the dashboard.

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Unfortunately, the mounting brackets would mean that either the pipe needs to go around the heater. Luckily, the heater's plastic casing comes apart easily, and can be reversed to allow the mounting brackets to be on the other side.

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And with the plenum attached (but not cut out)

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And this is where it'll go tomorrow

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