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Day 33 - Light pods and hinges

Fitting new panels

Cutting the holes in the aluminium was difficult - I think the hole cutter isn't really designed for aluminium (we used them on the Locust, but they had a hard wooden board bonded to it). I had some spare material from the doors, so I made some panels out of that - GRP is much easier to cut then aluminium.

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Before the hinges can be made, I cut the end of the door off, and then stuck it down.

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I'd designed some hinges earlier in the week, but there are other ways to make a hinge. I've got some 26x13mm bar (about 680mm long). I came up with a design that would use 160mm of the bar, so I could use 4 hinges - two on each side.

I then made a template from the design, and made a model of the area that it needs to sweep.

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Since this was going to work, I made one of the hinges.

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With the end of the door stuck, the only way the hinges would sit nicely is if a bracket was made to hold them in place.

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As it's 7pm Christmas eve, I decided to call it a night, and work on it on 26th (I won't work on it on Christmas day - I'll let the neighbours enjoy the day!).

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