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Day 34 - Reservoir, Light pods, horn and handbrake panel


I'd started work on the brake/clutch fluid reservoir very early on - however, I hadn't gotten around to fitting it. I made a bracket with a couple of tags which can be rivetted to the chasis.

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I then rivetted it to the mounting plate at the front of the body.

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Light pods

I put a lot of Sikaflex around the gaps in the light pods (I didn't take any pictures - there's not enough differences from the earlier work on it).


The horn needed fitting, and now was as good a time as any. I found a spot behind the radiator.

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Handbrake panel

I'd wanted to make a large gromit to fit the handbrake panel, but it didn't quite come out correctly.

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Luckily, Aeon's open day is Thursday, so I'll have a look to see how they did it then. If the weather's okay, that is!

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