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Day 54 - Steering wheel and column cover

Since my neighbour's daughter's car was in the other half of the garage with some kind of oil blockage problem (best not to start it!), I decided that I'd minimise the amount of mess I'd make - so, I didn't do a whole lot of work this weekend.

I had an old steering wheel boss that was for a Fiesta kicking around, as well as another one for a different kind of Ford that I found outside my friend's workshop - no-one seems to make a boss for a Mondeo, but I'd heard that you can use a Sierra boss and file it. Where you file it I don't know, but I thought it would be worth starting with the ones I had.

The first thing to do was to remove the current steering column.

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The existing boss needed drilling to fit over the central hex section with a 17mm drill bit.

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I won't be using that wheel - it's the best spare I have!

However, the rear section needed a 25mm hexagonal conical shaft; it was currently 20mm. This meant a lot of filing - so I decided to cut up the existing Mondeo steering wheel and use it as the boss backplate (the other Fiesta boss splits into two).

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There are two advantages in using this - firstly, it'll fit with no modifications required, and secondly with the addition of a plastic clip-on part, it'll cancel the indicators.

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Now, I need to find a Suede/Alcantara steering wheel.

I did a quick tidy up of the area, and then trimmed the back of the top part of the steering column cover. This means it'll fit against the dashboard.

The cover was a little difficult to cover, as there are quite a few compound curves. However, it looks good!

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