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Day 90 - Fitting the new bits

Actually, the day started with a bit of a drive around the local area - I needed some copper washers for the banjo fittings on the calipers, a gasket for the inlet manifold, some rubber hose that is suitable to hold brake fluid and a gazebo because the weather was meant to be very changeable.

Of all that list, I got the copper washers. The gasket I've ordered from the Seat dealer (as well as an exhaust gasket - I'm hoping to pick up the exhaust from the welder soon), as well as some rubber hose. And I couldn't find a gazebo, and got a simple cover instead (just for showers).

However, that didn't stop me from doing what I could. The first thing I did was to reroute the clutch cable - I didn't like the way it was hooked around the chassis (close to the suspension components), so I routed it around the battery holder, and cable-tied it in place:

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I then took off the old throttle body to make sure I've got the right one (I cut off the old gasket and put it over the new throttle body to the right):

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Unfortunately, the plug is different - I'll have to ask about that on Monday:

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I then fitted the banjo fittings on the brake and clutch master cylinders:

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Fitting this required the removal of the steering column - so I also reduced the amount of toe-out on the front wheels. It was quite a lot, and it's now a lot better (but still needs to have a bit more removed - although I am running out of track to move it).

Then, the weather went bad, so I packed the car up for a bit. I've sort of done what I can for this weekend on these bits - but if the weather's better tomorrow, I'll look at the front calipers.

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