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After building

Today, I got the car registered. The DVLA were going to delay it until Monday, but since this weekend is meant to be fine, and I want to get some miles on it, I asked them to do it today.

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Nice and legal, with a personal plate (bought for the car, so if I sell it, I'll sell it with the car)

I've now done 50 miles; nothing major has happened. There's a slight petrol leak from the filler hose and the brakes need a bit more bedding in. The clutch is a little heavy though (need to train my leg!)

Update: I've just been down to Portsmouth and back - nothing really exciting happened. It is quick - and quiet. Doing 70, all you can hear is the wind, the wheels and the turbo. Oh, and the doors rattle a small amount (I'll put some rubber around the catch to prevent that).

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