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Day 143 - Yet another random day

Since it's a long weekend (two bank holidays), I'm doing what I can until Tuesday when I can order some parts.

Last night, I picked up the gear cable holder that I had powder coated a couple of months ago. The holes needed a bit of a file, and the welded nuts a tap, but it fitted fine.

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And with it in place.

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I had to elongate the holes a bit to get the seat in...

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...only to find I'd used the wrong seat, and the other one fitted perfectly - nearly (one of the tabs holding the nut had bent a bit in transit).

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After making sure that all the gears were selectable (it doesn't centre on 3rd/4th, but you can select them), I finally got around to making the second front radiator mount.

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I the bled the inner front brakes - they didn't leak, so the joins Keith had done were solid.

And finally, it was time to fit the final part of the floor. After a while rummaging around the underside of the car, with Sikaflex over my arms, and drill bits that were going blunt (annoying during a bank holiday!), I finally did it.

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I'll put some more rivits on the underside later on (when I've got some more drill bits). There's enough for the moment - especially as there's not much weight on this part.

Since the wheels were off, I bled the outer front brakes (although I'll need two people to make sure it's done properly).

I fitted some more cable ties, and replaced yet more self-adhesive connectors.

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