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Day 149 - Even more carpetting

Today started a bit like yesterday - except this time I actually bought a new fridge (we saw what happened when we put the fridge onto maximum refidgeration - nothing). So, it ended up being a short day.

The bits down the sides of the seats needed some carpet because you could see the floor.

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While Chris was working on the front floor panels, I made a bracket to hold the map sensor at the right angle (to prevent condensation) on the rear bulkhead.

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Chris had finished one side during that time:

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And then the other side and the middle:

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And finally, we fitted the new harnesses to the seats (this was a bit of a pain as the eye-bolts don't allow the passenger seats to fit - so we used the bolts from the other harnesses instead for those. The handbrake section was covered in foam (but not Alicante), and a slot for the driver's harness cut out in the centre section of the gear cable panel (with some rubber edging).

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In the evening, we got some self-tapping screws which we'll use to hold some cable tie holders in the chassis for the cables.

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