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Day 15 - Front light pods, wiper and dashboard (continued)

Front light pods

They'd been bonded in place with Sikaflex earlier on, but there were gaps around the outside, so today I put some GRP to fill the gaps.

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And then I painted the insides

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Yesterday's bush and mounting block of wood had been fully bonded, and this now allowed me to locate the other mounting point. Its size allowed be to use a 50mm right angle section with a hole through it. This was bonded to the underside of the body.

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Dashboard (continued)

Although the Sikaflex had set yesterday, I didn't have the paint out. Since I'd painted the inside of the front light pod area, I decided to paint the inside of the dashboard (the outside will be covered in something [haven't decided what yet]).

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I'm coming to the end of my two week holiday from work, so I took it easy today (and will be taking it easy tomorrow). I'll be starting the wiring - most of which I can do indoors.

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