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Day 17 - Wiring (part 1)

Preparing the column

As it's cold this week, I've decided to start preparing the wiring. First job is to sort out the column's wiring loom.

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With all the tape removed

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Ignition wiring

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The colours are as follows:

RedPermanent 12V supply (through immobiliser)
YellowAuxillary power
Red/yellowPower off feed

Wiper wiring

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They have individual numbers, and since there's 3 white/black cables, I've indicated the cables in the back of the switch with the numbers.

Front washerWhite/red11
5White/blackIntermediary position
4White/blackNormally connected from R15
Rear washerYellow/black9
3-Not connected
Ignition power feedPurple/orange8
2White/blackFast wipe
Rear wiperWhite/red7
1White/greenSlow wipe
Intermediary speedWhite6

These are based on the wiring diagram in the Haynes manual - wire 4 is meant to be white/green, and the intermediary speed doesn't appear to do much (on my Mondeo, there's a control for the speed).

Indicator wiring

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And here, the colours are.

Orange/blackPermanent power
Orange/yellowLeft indicators
Orange/blueRight indicators
Purple/blueIgnition power
Purple/yellowMain beam power
Purple/orange (1)Dip beam power (input)
Purple/orange (2)Permanent power (for flash)


This is a simple switch - although when I replace the steering column, it may not have a horn.

Red/orangeHorn earth

What am I going to do?

What I want to do is use a PIC microcontroller to handle a lot of the work of turning things on/off.

It will have as inputs:

  1. Slow wiper input
  2. Fast wiper input
  3. Intermediary wiper input
  4. Wiper motor switch
  5. Dip light switch
  6. Side light switch
  7. Ignition power

Its outputs will be:

  1. Slow wiper output
  2. Fast wiper output
  3. Dip light output
  4. Side light output
  5. Dim/Dip output

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