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Day 64 - Air filter, measuring and re-measuring

Air filter

I ordered a Pipercross air filter - with a 70mm OD neck, and enough for 250bhp. Should turn up later in the week, and then I'll be able to make the rest of the air intake.


I need to get some aluminium sheet to make the panels, so I measured the length that I need - they're normally 2mx1m in size (or 2.5mx1.5), which is too big to fit in my car, but 1mx1m is fine. Luckily the maximum length I need is 920mm.


While I was at it, I checked on some of the pipe measurements - when I fitted the hoses earlier, one was a little loose, and another was quite tight.

The intake manifold was quite loose - I'd got a 70 to 57mm reducing hose for that (and also the turbo output), but it seemed a little narrower than that. My digital vernier calipers had stopped working that evening, and I only got them working again yesterday evening.

This is actually 65mm diameter. Likewise for the turbo outlet - although if I cut it at the location I want, it's 54mm. I'll need to get two 65 to 57mm reducers instead. These aren't actually easy to get hold of - 63 to 57 is the nearest I can get. 54mm doesn't appear to be a standard size - although SFS performance have a 54 to 51mm reducer, or 60 to 55mm. Might need to get that one made...

The one that was quite tight was the larger of the two windscreen heater pipes. This, I'd measured, was 25mm. It was still 25mm this time. It's just a difficult angle to get the pipe into!

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