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Day 85 - More electrics

This is actually the past two days (yesterday was my birthday, so I didn't do too much on the car - although I did run out of connectors and had to order some more). There's also no pictures at present - I'll take them when there's more to look at!

All the lights are now working; the dim/dip is quite annoying I've decided, but not impossible to work out. I'm contemplating making a PCB for this (and other things) if anyone wants it.

The DigiDash unit is also now powered up, but I haven't connected its sensors yet - the main beam, fog, handbrake/fluid level, indicators are working fine on it.

Unfortunately, I've hit a bit of a snag with the horn, so I'll have to get another switch to operate it. I also need three more relays (I needed an additional two for the dip lights, and another for the fog light that I'd forgotten about). This means the windscreen heater hasn't been wired up yet.

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