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Day 106 - Gearbox, handbrake, gearstick and throttle cable

Yesterday, an unexpected parcel arrived - the blanking plate for the gearbox rear drive shaft. This allows me to remove the rear drive mechanism from the gearbox, turning it into a 2-wheel drive. This means the only major component I need are the drive shafts (although I do need to pick up the exhaust):

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Job done - finally!

The next thing was to sort out the handbrake - after moving the seat forward, it also needed moving. So, I used a small length of right angle steel with some bolts welded to the chassis to hold the handbrake in place:

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As you can see, it had been raining - this was the pattern for today, and tomorrow it looks like it'll be exclusively rain - so time to crack on and get some more done.

Now I knew that the new cables worked, I decided to cut the front of the gearbox off, to make it a bit shorter:

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I then welded some new tabs to the outside of the box to take some M8 bolts (which would mean a smaller profile under the chassis), drilled the floor for the new holes, and then forgot to take some picures...

Anyway, it was getting late, and I thought I'd have a quick go at the throttle cable. Firstly, I needed a tab to hold the cable in place:

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And then I used a long M8 bolt with a hole drilled in it, and fitted this end of the cable (and threaded it through the bracket).

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At that point in time, it started to rain again, so I put the car away. I don't think I'll have a chance to do any more on it tomorrow judging by the weather forecast, but I have positioned the car in such a way that the rear section should open.

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