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Day 39 - Engine mount and door (continued)

Again, not really a day, but worth mentioning

Engine mount

I ordered an engine mount from Seat today - about 80 all-in. Should be available from Wednesday, which means that the engine should go in this weekend. Yah!

Door (continued)

Now that the Sikaflex had set, I wanted to see how the door opened. I'd made the gap between the door and the body pretty close , and the corner was a bit tight. However, it did open.

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I then fitted the gas spring, and let some of the gas out (they are adjustable) until I could just about close it with my weight - earlier I'd noticed that it was very quick, and wanted to push the GRP around.

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The door now opens nicely, but is still a little bit quick. There's a little wobble, but nothing too major.

New colours

I had a thought last night - black with a couple of gold stripes could look very nice (although in the style of a Lotus JPS GP car). As a result, I did some LightWave models - including the crimson/maroon and a navy blue (not keen on that).

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It's not the world's most perfect model, but it'll do for ideas.

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