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Day 58 - Workshop and intake

Because I wanted to see what John had done on the demonstrator, with respect to some of the hoses, I went to the workshop today. I came back with a fair selection of bits!

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On the left is an Audi TT gearstick unit - the cables need to be longer though. Next to that are 4 lengths of 32mm aluminium pipe which will be used for part of the radiator pipework. And then the two green items are Kevlar panels from a Blaze - they didn't come out of the mould very well, so are spare. Why did I get these? They're the right shape for the intercooler intake.

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The initial plan was to use most of the panel, and bond it to a hole in the side of the body.

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Unfortuately, the height of the intake section is actuall taller than the bottom side panel. This meant that I had to trim it to just the height I needed (20cm), and then make a panel above it. With the two sides cut, I marked the hole that needed to be cut in the side section - it couldn't be too far back, otherwise the intercooler will show beyond the body (or even interfere with the wheel). It also couldn't be too far forward otherwise the intake or the intercooler hits the chassis. I hope this is fine!

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And after a moment's "is this right" thought, I cut the hole.

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I then used a spare bit of Kevlar from the body panel to make a bit to fill in the gap in the top.

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I then stuck it down with Sikaflex, and roughly cut the other side ready for tomorrow's work - which will include giving the intake the correct radius, and maybe mounting the intercooler (or at least making mounts for it). The only problem is that the intake is exatly where the pin for the Aerocatch needs to go. So I'll have to work something out...

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