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Day 60 - SVA, order and pipework


On Monday, I downloaded the SVA form, and today I sent it off. I've asked for 30th March as a date for the SVA test - if I get it on that date, it means I now have just 6 weeks to finish the car off. Better get moving!


I ordered a Suede Sparco steering wheel and boss, and some rubber extrusions, and 3 Intatrim Ranger seats (in black). They're about the largest seats that will fit - I'd like to use the ones that Aeon are making, but I feel that they may be more race orientated.

They were a bit surprised I wanted 3 seats!


I'll be ordering the silicon hoses tomorrow, so I took a look at all the pipes that need connecting.


This is completely 32mm - I've already got the aluminium pipe; just need to get the silicon hoses, which means 4x90°, 2x135° and 2x1m flexible hose (although I'll order an extra one to be safe).

Windscreen heater

Since the heater has 16mm copper pipe, I'll try some 15mm copper pipe to see how good a seal it is - if it's too large, I'll get something else. I'll also convert the pipes to 16mm as soon as possible after the engine pipes. This means I need 1x22-16mm reducing straight, 1x19-16mm reducing straight, 1x90° 19mm, 4x90° 16mm, 1x19mm hose joints, 2x1mx16mm flexible hose


This is quite complicated - it needs to go from 70mm to 57mm, and then back to 70mm again (after going into the turbo). I'll need 2x70-60mm reducers (57mm don't seem to be available), 2x1mx57mm straights, 6x57mm connectors, 2x70mm connectors, 1x135°x57mm bend, 1x45°x57mm bend and 3x90°x57mm bends. I may change all the 57mm diameters to 60mm - the intercooler does have a large bump on it.

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