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Day 11 - Rear lights (part 1)

Rear lights

Yesterday, I planned the rear lights - today, it was time to fit them.

The first thing was to calculate the actual distance. Using the back of a box, the distance between each light had to be at least 78mm - so I settled for 80.

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After carefully measuring, marking and re-measuring...

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And to verify the distance between the fog and stop lights, I used a digital vernier caliper

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I then sanded the edges to make them more 'user friendly'

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Mounting the rear light

This was (and still is) a real head-scratcher. The first plan was to use resin to bond bolts to the rear section - the bolts would allow the light's position and angle to be altered.

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Unfortunately, they were too weak, so it was time for a different plan...

After trying to make an aluminium frame (and failed due to the drill overheating), I decided to experiment with a plywood version of the rear.

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Leela dropped in, but didn't offer any help!

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With the plywood form clamped to the body, I was able to hold the lamps in place to see what they look like.

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This isn't a long-term solution, so I'll have to do a lot of thinking tonight to see if I can come up with a better solution (I'll also ask around).

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