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Day 9 - Finishing brake plumbing, start of dashboard and floor revisited

Finishing brake plumbing

One of the things I spotted late yesterday evening was the fact that the rear hydraulic cables run through the centre of the body, rather than around the outside.

So, the first thing was to rewire the cables in this way. While I was about it, I put grommits to ensure that they aren't damaged.

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Now with the brake cable going through the body, it was a simple matter of plumbing it to the T-piece, with the left and right rear brake cables coming out.

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Starting the dashboard

I'd forgotten to order the dashboard when I got the body parts - luckily there was one spare that they had, so I collected it.

It needed a slight trim, and I've glued some tabs under the body to keep it in place while I work on it. The glue will take a little while to set (8 to 24 hours), so I'm leaving it until it's done before doing any more work on the dash.

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The floor, revisited

Okay, so I made a mistake. I used small rivets for the floor, rather than large one. So, while I had a bit of spare time, I drilled out all the small rivets, and replaced them with large ones.

While I was drilling them, I also sprayed Waxoyl in the chassis rails - partly to protect it, but also to prevent the drilled rivets from rattling around too much!

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