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Day 12 - Rear lights (part 2) and front lights

Rear lights

I decided to have a go with Sikaflex holding the bolts down, rather than pure GRP resin. This would take 24 hours to set, but wouldn't involve any major construction.

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Note that the lights aren't the colours they're meant to be - all they are doing is holding the bolts in the right place while the Sikaflex cures.

Front lights

With the rear lights setting, I decided to make a start on the front lights.

The front indictor is easy - a 57mm hole (like the rear lights), and three bolts (again, like each of the rear lights).

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The main lights were a little more complicated - they're 90mm (plus a little bit further down the shaft). Unfortunately, the only hole cutters I could get were 89mm or 103mm. I went for the 89mm, and a bit of 120 grit wet and dry paper...

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And then the other side

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A last look at the rear

With the Sikaflex reasonably cured, I put the rear section away, and had one last look at the lights until tomorrow...

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