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Day 2 - taking it easy

It's a Sunday, and I forgot to remind John to give me his mobile number, so I'm doing things that are easily removed, or have to be done before putting the floor on it. It's also raining today, so I'm not going out in the Locust to get any bits (the van's a little too big to park!).

I also forgot that the clocks changed, and actually started at 7:15...

Fitting the petrol tank

This is what I wanted to do the night before, but didn't have time. There was a fair amount of head scratching, but it's now in, and doesn't want to go anywhere.

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Unfortunately, I accidentally broke my rivnut gun while putting in the rivnuts, so I'll have to get another one tomorrow, as well as some aluminium rivnuts (the steel ones are too strong, and don't give enough feeling as to when it's too tight).

Note that the scratches on the underside of the chassis aren't bad, and will easily clean up.

Fitting the handbrake

I was going to fit the floor, but I spotted that the bottom handbrake bolt would be next to impossible to put in if I'd done the floor (if a captive nut had been installed, it would be much easier). So, I decided to put the bits in that would be easier without the floor.

I had to a slight modification to the handbrake (there was some excess weld that prevented it from mating with the brackets neatly - a quick blast with the angle grinder, and it fitted well).

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Fitting the master cylinders

These were fairly easy to fit - could have been done with the floor there, but it's much easier with no floor.

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I'll need to get some slightly longer bolts to replace the ones I've used - they are about 2mm too short (doesn't quite poke through the nylocks).


While the floor wasn't going in, there was nothing to stop me putting the side panels in - apart from not being able to locate a 3.2mm drill bit. Something else to buy tomorrow! However, I started to cut the holes out of the panels to allow the seat-belt mounts to be reached through them.

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I did have one problem - the panels at the very rear of the compartment have been notched to clear the chassis, but not folded - which means it won't fit into position. This means I'll either have to fold them, or cut the sides down to fit:

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I'll ask about it...

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