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Day 6 - Floor and more GRP work


I bought some more drill bits and put a few more rivets in. It's now strong enough to stand on (and bounce a little). I may still stick some more in later on (my arms were getting tired!). I also trimmed it to the right size, and painted the edge where I'd cut it.

More GRP work

I started to fit the central body section.

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The windscreen section was also trimmed to give (roughly) 25mm spacing around (so the screen can be bonded to it).

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I then fitted the right hand side lower section.

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After looking at it closely, I discovered that the join between the top and bottom is not meant to align with the top of the chassis - it's meant to align with the bottom of the chassis (the chassis is [deliberately] not parallel - something I'd noticed when putting in the side panels, but forgot). I checked this with John from Aeon, and then did some more trimming to the panels to fit:

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I'll need to get some glass fibre stuff to fill in the bits left over (luckily it doesn't need to be terribly neat, as it'll be hidden under the engine compartment):

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However, it now sits much better (look at the bottom of the GRP, and the chassis).

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Tomorrow, I'll fill in the gaps, get the other side in, and also put the nose on it properly. Once that's done, I'll clean up the edges. If there's time, I'll take a look at the steering column...

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